The standard question for the travel industry:  What can I handout?
The answer simple … and not so simple.

For the Travel Industry and the Marketplace Floor: One 8 ½ x 11 printed sheet that the planner can place in their portfolio.

For Sponsors with Booths in Marketplace and Meal Functions: The variation is endless – brochures, candy, swag, even some do contests.  Think outside the box but do discuss your intentions with a Conference Team Member prior to arrival. Your out of the box must fit inside the marketplace!

Does a limited budget limit your sales presence?
Not at all.

Success can be had for free with planning and “working it”.

  • Decide your goal for attending the Conference. Is it to meet a specific person, lots of new people or to develop partnerships within the industry.  Over 30% of our Travel Industry delegates represent destinations….how can you team up to sell together!
  • It is an oldie but goodie. What’s your Elevator pitch? Don’t make it the complete 6 minutes of the appointment. One minute then listen to what the person across the table has to say.
  • Ipads may be used, but make sure fully charged for 2 hours of the Marketplace floor. Remember that the connection is with the person across from you, not just pretty pictures. Is it something new and exciting.  All hotels have beds…what does yours have that brings a WOW factor.
  • Don’t spend time collecting contact info. A list will be provided to you.  Spend time making that one-to-one connection.
  • The free mobile app is a way to reach out. Let them know you heard what they said and how your can “solve” their travel question.  Don’t wait to go home to follow up.  Do it now.
  • Before you leave, set up your out of the office email and where you will be. That person who didn’t get an answer to your email may be right there on the Marketplace Floor.  A specific Out of the Office will let others know how much you keep up to date on industry standards.
  • Attend all meals – that can be a 45-minute meeting for your next sale!
  • Use the hashtags and post on social media. The Conference has followers who can use your product, but were out traveling and unable to attend.  Let them know that you’re a group travel specialist and post.  Unsure how to tag.  Stop by registration and we will help.
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